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Are you someone who has proficient in setting forth information in a humorous and informative way?

Yes, you. We are looking for. You are welcome to share your ideas .your publish post will be read by millions of people. If you think you have those unique insights within yourself then let us know, you could be our next guest blogger.

Why Should You Write for Us?

  • To build your social media presence.
  • To reach a wider audience.
  • To upgrade your SEO.
  • We have lots of organic traffic.
  • To attract traffic back to your website.
  • To boost your domain authority.
  • We practice white hat SEO.

What We Are Looking for?

We will provide you the content information or let us know to discuss further if you have something creative topics in your mind.

Guidelines for a Guest Blogger

  • The articles should be between 1000-2000 words with relevant information.
  • The article submitted by the guest blogger should be 100% unique and unpublished.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated.
  • The context must be written according to current global events.
  • The writer must write titles and headings in sentence case.
  • Pay attention to English grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and semantics.
  • The article’s tone of voice must be professional and well disposed of.
  • Do not use the context as direct promotion for another website.
  • The articles should be shared in Microsoft word document not copy-pasted in an email.
  • Diygeycrafty.com might ask the writer to change, edit or rework on any article or any part of the article. The writer must follow the guidelines provided by the editor.
  • Diygetcrafty.com might ask the writer to provide images or video for the article during submission. Copyright or irrelevant images will not be accepted.
  • Diygetcrafty.com will determine a competitive keyword based on your pitch before writing, after that you can design your context accordingly.
  • Diygetcrafty.com does not pay for the blogs posted by a guest blogger.
  • We will make you ineligible if any of the above rules are violated.
  • Our editor has the right to accept or decline any post without giving any further explanation.
  • Writers have to share a small biography with the article to become an author of the guest post and they must provide the link address of their website.
  • The writer must need to submit the context ideas along with the calendar date of submission deadline before submitting the articles.
  • We accept sponsored posts.
  • We don’t add any dofollow link on free guest posts. If you are looking for a dofollow link, please check out the sponsored post requirements below.
  • We only allow one do-follow link from one guest post. If you want to place more than one do-follow link, you need to pay an extra charge and for a couple of dofollow links, you may get some offered price if possible

Our Charge for Dofollow Link

To place a dofollow link on your article, we take $30 only. Also, you must need to submit a high-quality article following our free guest post guidelines. If you need us to write the article for you, we charge 15$ extra for a 1000 Words article with a given title from you. On the other hand, if you provide us the niche and expect to find a market competitive keyword for title relevant to the niche, you have to give an extra $5 dollar.

How to Submit

We prefer your submission through email as goggle documents so the editors can easily provide the guidelines and feedback directly in your draft. We might also ask you to send a plaintext file, link to an HTML document or a markdown file .please make sure you do not send any zip file unless you are requested by an editor of diygetcrfaty.com.

Are You Ready to Write?

Excellent! Just submit your context idea with an outline.
If we think it’s the right fit, then we will be in touch to discuss further regarding the next steps which we will need to publish your post.

What Happens After You Send the Post?

Diygetcrafty editor will review your submission. If it’s a potential fit then the entire team will discuss it further. The editor will collect the feedback from the team and can get back to you with a pitch. Once you revise your draft consistent with our comments our team will discuss it again and can allow you to know if we willing to simply accept it. If we accept your article then our editor will work with you immediately. After all, revisions completed we’ll schedule the publication, but can’t provide an exact date until the articles able to go live.

How to Reach Us

Drop us a mail with the subject “guest blogging”. Please do attach some of your sample articles for the first level of screening. You will be notified about the further process. Contact Us through email.

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