How to Type a Letter on the Computer: 2 Basic Methods

In the past few days, you might have scribbled out something in a notepad like a shopping list, or you added a review on restaurant comment cards, but when did you last write a proper letter with a pen and paper? Are you one of the increasing number of people who are switching from handwritten letters to typed ones? Here I will guide you on how to type a letter on the computer? Is the keyboard is mightier than the pen? Recent studies have discovered that with the recent development of technology, handwritten letters are being replaced by typed written letters.

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Type Easily On Your Windows & MAC

Whether you want to send a letter to your professional associate or a friend, a typed letter is the first option that comes to your mind. Peers, who are unaware of how to type a letter on the computer, I have come to a solution to your entire problem. Read out the full context to know more!

Why Typed Letter is Effective?

  • Easy to read.
  • Easy to draft it several times.
  • Spelling mistakes can be corrected.
  • The typed letter is neat and professional.
  • If you have good typing skills, typing is faster than writing.

WordPad and Type a Letter Free

Method-1 Windows Installation

Step-1 To type, the letter uses WordPad, which comes with all standard windows computers. By going to your Start menu and clicking on all programs, then accessories, select WordPad. If you are using windows 10, then what you have to do is type the WordPad beside Menu’s start.

Step-2 Check whether your computer has a word processing program. It can be found in your start menu under all programs. If they are not installed on your computer, you can purchase and install an Open office or download a free word processing program.

Step-3 Open your word processing program, which is flexible to format letters and comes with grammar and spelling checking ability.

Step-4 You can consider using a template. It helps to format your letter automatically. Many different templates are available with different letters, such as business letters or personal letters. Some templates have varieties of decorative elements to improve the whole look of the letter.

Step-5 Microsoft Office, Open office, and word perfect have free templates available to download. If none of the default templates matches your requirement, you can download the additional templates.

Step -6 Open your word processing program and write the heading on the top of the page of your letter. Most letters, both professional and personal, require putting the name and address in the page’s left corner.

Step-7 Address your greeting two lines beneath your heading. For a personal letter, you may use “Dear.” For a professional letter, you may include “Mr. (name) to who may use it concern.

Step-8 Type the letter’s body with useful information by providing paragraphs to make it easy to read and understand for the reader.

Step-9 Give a conclusion about your letter. Then, double space and leave a space to sign your name after you print the letter. Lastly, type your name beneath the space you left for the sign.

Step-10 Before the print makes sure you have run the spell and grammar check to identify the errors. Then click “File,” then select “Print.”

Method-1 Mac Installation

Step-1 To write a letter, you can use the built-in program text edit. To find it, you need to head into your application folder, which is marked with an A, to find the program. Click on it will then open a blank page. All of the steps are then similar to the windows, one which I have already mentioned above. You may follow that as well.

Step-2 You may also use Microsoft Office; it is there on your computer. It will be found in the application section with a blue W symbol. If you have it, click on it.

Step-4 To start a letter, whether formal or informal, you need an appropriate greeting. You can address the person with a nickname or with a full name.

Step-3 Before witting the letter, the layout has to be correct. The best way you can follow is through MLA guidelines. This means the date will be on top aligned to the right, and then double press the space button. You have to include the address of the poison you are sending it to. Once more, press the space bar twice and align back to the left.

Step-5 Write the body with enough paragraphs to make it easily readable, and then finally finish the letter with a formal sign-off such as “Sincerely” and then your full name. Step-6 Check the grammar and spelling errors and the format fonts, text size, spacing, and margins the way you need. Then “Click the file and “Print.”

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Type a Letter on the Computer

What Program Do You Use to Write a Letter?

For windows users, the program that they can use are; Microsoft Word, WordPad, Open Office, on the other hand, the Mac computer can use the text edit program for the basic task, and the advanced consider I usually work on MS office. You can also download a free program called; bean, which is also a good word processor.

How to Write a Letter and Then Print It?

We often get confused about the app that could be helpful to write letters on a computer. Here, I’ve demonstrated all possible ways to make it possible for the first user. By the way, you would get an app by the windows start button. Now, click on All Programs and then select the Accessories button to get your app. Now, you will get all expanded apps like Notepad or Wordpad to write letters. After finishing the letter you can print out the written file from the print option. Before printing, you must confirm the printer connection with a computer or laptop. I hope you got your answer. If you’ve more specific questions please leave them in the comments box.

Final Wrapping

I did hundreds of research to provide you with helpful information by practically implementing it on both Windows and Mac computers for accurate results. I hope by reading the entire context, you will get the maximum idea of how to type a letter on a computer. If you follow my guidelines properly, you can write a letter effectively without a hassle. Stay with DIY GET CRAFTY to see more articles.

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