How to Make a Necklace Shorter: Best & Easy DIY Steps- 2022

Did you ever feel that your favorite necklace is too long or short? And you are feeling embarrassed to wear a loved necklace with a random costume. If so, you are in the right place. When I was in California, my husband Aston gave me a nice and beautiful necklace on our first anniversary. Though it’s a beaded necklace, it’s worth it because only the expensive necklace doesn’t mean good. If your necklace is well fitted with the neckline, you will look better with any outfit, so if you want to DIY your own necklaces, walk through how to make a necklace shorter.

How to Make a Necklace Shorter
Make a Necklace Shorter

When I tried the necklace for the first time and feel, the necklace chain was too much longer, and it goes inside the outfit. After some days, I was searching for a necklace shortening near me. In the jewelry store, they demand bucks for little tiny work. One month later, we shifted to Florida, which is why I’m late for writing this post. Here I bought some basic tools and accessories for jewelry purposes rather than repairing them from any store. Are you ready to learn hacks to make a necklace shorter?

Every woman in the world is in the craze for unique and gorgeous pieces of jewelry. They like to flaunt the gleaming of ornaments in parties, dates, and offices, even at home. The love for ornaments will never fade. So if you love to adore yourself like me with unique and bizarre style, you must collect many of the latest jewelry. To make you trendy, the necklace is a boundless choice.

Now, if you don’t get a perfect size, you can’t match it with your outfit. For example, with turtle necks or sweaters, a long beaded or multilayer bracelet necklace is easily matched, but if you try something hugging your neck, it’s worst. Let’s adjust the necklace’s length for the available outfit we have using a necklace shortener.

How to Make the Necklace Shorter Permanently

This section will show the super simple technique of hacks to make a necklace shorter easily. If you really want to save money from your pocket, follow this guideline step by step. After going through the entire guideline, you will be able to make your long necklace shorter without any mess. To be specific, before doing this job, you must arrange some handy tools or if you already have those tools, let’s get started.

Tools and Materials Required to Make Necklace Shorter

  • Wire Clippers/Snips(It’s pretty handy to 
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Beaded necklace
  • Crimp bead and a cover

Procedure of Making Beaded Necklace Shorter

Step-1 Cut off the clasp from the necklace end. At first, you have to snip the clasp from the very next to the clasp. If you are thinking to cut off extra beads of the necklace directly on your desired measurement, forget it because you can’t reuse this clasp next time. The better option is to cut the wire to the very end and save this clasp for reattaching in the next stage.

Step-2 Now Remove Beads As Required. Before removing the beads from the necklace, it’s better to measure the final length as you required. Take this length measurement accurately from the previous necklace. Once you got the measurement to remove all the beads until it touches the end of your measurement point. Things to remember don’t snip the wire mistakenly.

Tips: If you don’t have a pair of earrings with this beaded necklace, you can easily DIY your earrings with spare beads. So keep them safe and enhance your final look with this earring.

Step-3 Slide crimp bead over the wire and insert clasp. After removing beads, insert the crimp bead to make a loop for the clasp. This crimp bead will be strung with the base wire. Once the crimp is set, insert the clasp through the wire.

Step-4 Turn the wire and feed into the crimp. Now take the ends of the beading wire and go around with clasp and insert into the crimp and very next beads.

Step-5 Press the crimp tightly. When you turn the beading wire through clasp and crimp, pull the wire tightly underneath the bead and make sure that there is no extra space for moving between crimp and bead. Once you make a tight stringing, flatten the crimp as much as possible using chain nose pliers.

Step-6 Cut the extra string and set the crimp bead cover. Finally, you are stepped into the final stage of DIY necklace shortening. So snip the extra wire with the wire snipers, and your necklace is ready to rock. There is another step that is covering the crimp with cover. If you like to add a cover slide over the crimp and slowly presses by chain nose pliers and that’s it.

How to Make a Necklace Shorter or Longer Temporarily

Sometimes we love to use the same necklace in a different pattern because of the beauty of the necklace. In this situation, matching the same necklace with a variety of costumes is difficult. Obviously, you can’t wear a choker with a turtle neck or a long chain necklace with an off-shoulder dress.  So what is the solution and how to shorten a necklace temporarily? Here luckily I am going to make it for you without much effort with an incredibly easy method. Let’s see the deal.

Tools and Materials You Need

  • A necklace
  • Safety pin
  • Necklace shortener (Flexible Metal Clip)

Technique-1 How to Make a Necklace Longer

To make a necklace longer using a safety pin is a little weird, but it works well. To do this open the clasp of your necklace and lace it into the end of the clasp. After that lace the other part of your chain and close the opening of the safety pin. If you want to make it longer, use more safety pins instead.

Technique-2 How to Make a Necklace Shorter

Step-1  Using safety pin. To shorten the necklace, insert the safety pin through the clasp and fasten it to your desired length location from its natural closer. Now your necklace is ready to wear for parties.

Step-2 Using temporary necklace shortened. Here you can use an oval necklace shortener. Take the proper length of your necklace. Now twist it to mount the shortener. This technique is only for pearl or beaded necklaces to make it half in length. So if you use it that could be insecure in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Make Necklaces Shorter

What Can I Use Instead of Crimp Beads?

The crimp beads are used to create a loop for clasp in the stinging of pearl or beaded necklace. It also secures the wire of beading. But what is the alternative material to perform this task properly are? Yes, you have an option to make this happen with a screw-tight crimp. It will also give you the same results, but its appearance is different.

What Length of Necklace Works Best With Shorteners?

This question is very tricky. You can easily shorten the length of the necklace using a necklace shortener, but the problem is which length is perfect for applying this technique. Basically, if your necklace is 20 inches or more long, you can easily double up and use shorteners. Please don’t use it for a short little portion of your necklace.

What is Necklace Shortener?

Are you totally new to this word? Maybe you want to know in detail about a necklace shortener. A necklace shortener is a metal base oval shape accessory that allows pearl or beaded necklaces to double.  You can also use it to combine necklaces.

Final Wrapping

The temptation of women for jewelry will never end. Every woman likes a stylish look and wants to gleam in parties and events, but the matching of jewelry with dresses is difficult sometimes, especially matching the necklace. This is why DIY Get Crafty comes with an incredible solution on how to make a necklace shorter. If you try all the hacks to make a necklace shorter, you will stop finding a necklace shortening near me. Also, follow the step to make a temporary necklace shortened technique.

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