How to Fix a Stretched Out Shirt- Best 2 Methods: 2022

The most popular dress for men and women is a shirt. Traditionally it’s made for wear, and common clothes all around the planet. But it has a problem, which is very common and disheartening. Because, when you used it for several days it becomes stretched out and changed in shape with its primary measurement. Each and every movement of your activities like morning walk or yoga to groceries work could be a reason for stretch t-shirts frequently. In today’s discussion, I’m about to talk about how to fix a stretched out shirt.

On the other hand, you will get some pro tips that can make your t-shirt life happier. When t-shirt stretch? Basically, this is a hectic question asked by everyone. However, when moisture and sweat come into equivalent position it changes the properties of yarn that’s used in the fabric. Especially, those shirts manufactured with common yarn like cotton, and cotton blend varieties are susceptible to stretching.

In this scenario, if you’ve some knowledge regarding fabric construction and special treatment to reform or un-shrink clothes that will be an easier task. So, after accumulating all concepts from this article it will be a euphemism heck to recover shirt neck (round neck and even V-neck) line, sleeve, collar, and another side.

Noted, the recovery of the overall stretched-out shirt is easier than fixing a specific area by any kind of technique.

How to Fix a Stretched Out Shirt
Fix a Stretched Out Shirt

What Types of Fabrics are More Stretchy?

The stretchy properties of fabrics depend on their construction and materials used. In the summer season, people use stretchy fabrics more than at other times of the year. Moreover, you will see the stretch fabrics around you for a little ease. Though it’s a piece of comfort, you may also get a stretched-out shirt soon. But, in some cases stretchy but durable fabrics are available in the market. Let’s get the clear cause that makes fabrics distressed from their primary structure.

Cause-1 Knit Structure is Stretchy than Woven Construction

T-Shirt is mainly fashion with knit fabric. It is widely used for making all types of costumes around the planet. The knit fabrics are very malleable on both sides for the loop structure. This type of fabric is formed by single yarn. So, that could be a reason for stretch.

Cause-2 Using Spandex or Lycra in Fabric Construction

The spandex can stretch up 400% on its own. Even though, it can lend more than 20% after mixing with other yarn like cotton, polyester, and velvet. On the other hand, you’ll get lots of fabrics varieties that would be blended with spandex. All this coupled fabric stretched out easily.

Things you’ll need for this DIY

  • Heat Source (Gas Stove or
  • A Large Bowl
  • A Washing Machine (If Possible)
  • A Dryer ( For Drying Clothes)
  • A Little Amount of Distilled Vinegar White is Preferable
  • A tongs or long wooden sticks (For stirring and submerge)

Method of How to Fix a Stretched Out Shirt

Well, different types of techniques and tips may be experienced by you to fix the stretched-out shirt with the help of internet DIY sources. Today I’m going to explore two different methods about how to get an original shape of a stretched-out t-shirt within simple steps. So, let’s get started.

Fix a Stretched Out Shirt: The Manual Method or Stovetop Technique

This is a very simple and time-saving technique. Regardless, it works very conveniently on 100 percent cotton and on wool fabrics structure. Here, I’m going to illustrate the full tricks step by step. Keep following my instructions properly and stick with the method.

Step 1- Boiling of Water to Soak T-Shirt Appropriately

Water boiling is the most common method, and that might be a regular task of cooking. Less or more people are used to this task. Moreover, that could be a helpful, and ordinary task for lots of indoor and outdoor work. I just mention this step to maintain a flow chart.

Now, fill the water pot with sufficient water, and put it on your stove. Here, the amount of water doesn’t matter. It depends on your shirt size and quantity. I hereby, take 4 or 5 liters. I think it’s quite enough to soak a shirt. Now, light the stove and wait sometimes.

After a few minutes, you’ll see the bubbles are forming underneath the water.

Pro Tips: If you want to save time and energy, a pot with a lid is very useful then.

Step 2- Submerge the t-shirt into Hot Water

Once, water gets warmed you are ready to soak the shirt that helps to shrink. First of all, pour the sink full of hot water as much as possible and soak the shirt for about 5 minutes without any stirring or disturbing. The hot water can bleed out some color from the shirt easily. However, you can use lukewarm or cool water if you are really worried about the fastness of color except for white.  

Regardless, if anyone wants to wash the shirt as well as shrink it, they can add a teaspoon of laundry detergent into the sink. But, you must rinse it in a separate sink with normal water.  Remember that it will help to come out more color than before.

Step 3- Lay the Shirt to Relax and Dry

Now lay the shirt properly after soaking it. Let the shirt cool down for 15 to 20 minutes and spread it on a flat surface. When you ley the shirt on a flat surface don’t pull the fabrics otherwise it will stretch easily. Be careful during the whole process and let it dry in the air. Until you get a good result you must repeat the process from the beginning to shrink it properly.

Fix a Stretched Out Shirt: The Machine Method

How to Fix a Stretched Out Shirt
Machine Method

This is an alternative way to fix a stretched-out t-shirt at home with limited resources and tools. In the above section (Method One), I already figured out the stovetop methodology with a few simple steps. Here, I would also like to clarify the machine methodology for the people who are typically engaging with outside activities. This is terribly easy and straightforward technique but a few special machines to be required. By the way, it’s another amazing technique on the topic of how to fix a stretched-out shirt.

Step 1- Wash T-Shirt with Hottest Temperature Setting

Before starting this procedure set a hot temperature on your regular clothes washer. Now, place your 100 percent cotton or wool stretched-out shirt into the machine and wash for one cycle none soap powder or detergent. The stretched-out fiber construction of the jersey will shrink to the earliest form for the wash with the proper unification of moisture, agitation, and heat.

Step 2-Dry the Shirt Gently

Now, take away the shirt from the washing machine and place it in the dryer. Start the dryer through medium heat and continue the drying cycle until the t-shirt is totally dry. After that, if the t-shirt does not warn to a hot temperature through its care label then run the drying cycle with high heat which gives a lot of intense shrinkage impact on your shirt.

Step 3- Repeat the Cycle if You Want more Shrinkage

Moreover, the above cycle of washing and drying will continue until you get the desired result. In fact, the utmost shrinkage produces from the primary cycle. The additional cycle will refine the shrinkage impact and therefore the chance of obtaining a snug t-shirt are higher.

Pro Tips:

The most important thing is color fading and bleeding after subsequent wash. But here, I’m going to give a professional tip that could help you to avoid such a vulnerable situation. When your shirt needs subsequent wash you must add a cup of white vinegar to keep shirts from color fading and bleeding.

The shrinkage of stretched-out clothes depends on the proper agitation. For this purpose, the top loader machine is more effective than the front loader washing machine. So, it’s very clear the fiber reversion or shrinkage depends on the accurate agitation.

Regardless, hot washing or laundering isn’t the proper treatment for the clothes that are previously shrunk. You might get some shrinkage impact but the major result will come from loose construction. So, the tight woven structure of textile fabrics is more likely less shrinkable. On the other, the knit or loop structure is suitable to reform.

What should we must follow to Prevent Stretching of Shirt?

We always think and search for solutions after facing the problem.  In that case, before stretching out the shirt we must fix the problem by following some tricks. If you don’t want to make your t-Shirt unwearable again please follow the quick tips strictly.

  • Don’t mix the clothes into the dryer when it’s running, otherwise, the shirt or clothes can easily stretch out in different directions. So, avoid mixing shirts to prevent them from this unexpected problem.
  • After washing, get off the shirts from the dryer as early as possible and hang them for air drying. The fibers will regain their original and natural shape for hanging them up into the air.
  • Coldwater is very useful to shrink the fiber rather than warm water in both directions of garments. Sometimes excessive heat can cause the smudging of colors from your shirt. So, for a concerned person using steam iron with controlled heat could be a great practice to reduce the shrinkage over time. 
  • Since the detergent powder contains harmful chemical agents which could destroy and weaken the fiber’s elasticity and could lead to further stretching out when folded or keep away in the closet. On the other hand, using oxygenated bleach (chlorine-free bleaching solution is also a concentrated detergent powder) instead of detergent (they are almost the same in characteristics).

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Fix a Stretched Out Shirt

How Do You Fix a Stretched Out Shirt?

This question is repeatedly asked by many individuals around us. Here above, I already explained two amazing methods to shrink the stretched-out shirt after being worn for a few days.  If you are really confused about the fittings of your shirt please follow one of the procedures to fix it by yourself at home without any problems. Take a bowl of water and boil it for a few minutes. Now, soak the clothes properly and let them dry normally. To know more information you have to read the detailed instructions.

How Do You Tighten Stretched Clothes?

Take a bowl with water and soak the shirt properly. Take the wet shirt and lay it on a flat surface or drying rack according to your desired size. After stretching it properly fix it by placing some weight in your house such as a heavy paperweight, mug, jar, etc., and let it dry in the air. In that case, you must be careful otherwise you might destroy the shirt.

How Do You Fix a Stretched Out Neck on a Shirt?

Sometimes we face a stretched-out area on the t-shirt after using it roughly on a specific area. So, it’s another common question for people to recover their favorite shirt again to gleam with an old shirt they used to love it. Basically, if you have this problem then washing the entire area is a better plan rather than washing a specific area.

Select a flat surface and lay the shirt gently. Now, smoothen the grainline vertically of the neckline by rubbing it very smoothly from the bottom line to the up. After that press heat by iron gently to make it flatter as same as before. However, don’t iron the shirt in wet condition, let it be on a flat surface to dry well.

Why Do the Necks of My Shirts Stretch Out?

This curious question also stormed in my brain from time to time until getting an appropriate solution. This is very confusing but also simple after experiencing some answers from an anonymous person online. Once I headed online and got to know that only wearing a shirt for a long time isn’t a big reason of stretch out in the neckline but there are many reasons that are included directly or indirectly. For other reasons it could be how and when it dried up, the hanging types, and the moisture weight that tends to downwards and stretch out shirts very unexpectedly.

Final Thoughts

Here, I tried to make complete instructions to make your shirt fit again from the stretch-out condition. Whatever the reason is, if you have this problem read how to fix a stretched-out shirt carefully and solve your issue quickly. If you want to make a DIY project from the old clothes, read how I created new frayed shorts from the old jeans pair.

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