How to Cut Wooden Dowels: [Best and Easy Way of Cutting Dowels-2022]

In woodworking, we often need different types and sizes of wooden dowels for specific use. The use of wooden dowels depends on the project you are going to build. Mostly the wooden dowels are available in the carpenter’s store or at home. The custom dowels are made in rounded or square shapes. But the rounded shape is commonly used for woodworking. Here, I will illustrate an easy method for how to cut wooden dowels at home.

How to Cut Wooden Dowels,Best and Easy Way of Cutting Dowels
Easy Way of Cutting Dowels

If you are cutting dowels to length, the end of dowels is massed up with extra chips of wood. And it would be best if you had more time to flush them all. This will happen more or less whatever the dowel cutter is. That might be a manual wire cutter, chop saw, table saw, or band saw.

We will also show you how to cut dowels flush with sandpaper, and this is only possible when you need 20/30 dowels. But in big projects, if you need huge amounts of dowels for joining mortise or tenon, you need a clean and efficient setup to produce quality dowels in large numbers. In this situation, you can use a customized dowel cutting tool for bulk production.

The wooden dowels are used in multipurpose of the woodwork. Gardeners use dowels to hold up tall plants straight; carpenters use to join mortise and tenon for furniture, a toymaker often use it as a barrel in the tank, sometimes we use thicker wooden dowels between walls or inside wardrobes and hang closet, even we use it to stack pair of cakes layer. The main point is that the dowels can use in multipurpose and by this inspiration, we are going to describe how to cut wooden dowels at home.

Things You Needed for Cutting Dowels to Length

  • Marking Pencil
  • Measurement Tape
  • Wire cutters (For Manual Cutting)
  • Table Saw (Circular)
  • Band Saw
  • Chop Saw
  • Sandpaper

The Procedure for Cutting Dowels to Length


What cutting method should I use for cutting dowels to length? This is the most common problem for all beginner woodworkers. It’s totally depending on your projects and the purpose of using them. If you want to join make furniture, you need a small dowel pin on the other hand if you want to make a dowel to support fondant cake, you need a required length depending on the number of layers. If you are confused about the method of dowel cutter, read our all methods and choose the best and perfect cutting method.

Method-1: Using Wire Cutters

When you need a small number of dowels, you can use a wire cutter. Though the cutting end of dowels is chipped out for using a wire cutter, it’s useful for small projects. Here we will make 10 pieces of dowels each 1 ½ inch long. Follow the step-by-step process for cutting with wire cutters.


First, we take long wooden dowels of ¼ inches diameter and mark from the ending point by using measurement tape. Since the endpoint of dowels will remain unfinished, you can add ½ mm extra with length. Here we will take 1 ½ inch because we use this for mortise of furniture and finishing will be done after joining.


Now clamps the wooden dowels and place the mark side to top as you have done before. This mark will guide measurement. Ensure the holding capacity against a given force that will create by wire cutters.


In this stage, we cut all the pieces with wire cutters. If you use cutters slowly and in one way, you will get fewer wooden chips after cutting.


Flush the all chips from dowels using sandpaper is the best way. Use 320-grit sandpaper to get the best result.

Method-2: Using Table Saw

Using a table saw with the jig is a great plan for the production and quality of dowels. This method is mainly used in carpenter’s stores, where they need a large number of small dowel pins. Sometimes we take big projects and love woodworking on vacation and the table saw is perfect for this purpose. If you are thinking about the messed-up edge, it will happen whatever the dowel cutter method is.

But it can be controlled by using high TPI (Teeth per Inch) blades. The smoothness of the cutting edge is a relevant number of teeth in blades. With a dowel cutting jig, you can cut efficiently. Making a dowel cutting jig is a great idea that can cut multiple dowels all together in a single time. 


Select a stock of hardwood that is big compared to dowels. Here you can use 1 ½ × 1 ½ inch dia and 8 inches long hardwood. Taking a good length to clamp the stock in the table saw sled is the best practice. 


The diameter of the dowel is ¼ inches. We drill a straight hole to the stock length. This hole will take the dowels tightly after insertion and helps to reduce the extra wooden fuzz from the cutting point. Now it’s time to take the length measurement.


This step is crucial for dowel cutting jig. Since we are taking 1 ½ inches length for each piece, we take exactly 1 ½ inches length measurement from the left end of the drilled stock and mark it for cutting. After that, we cut exactly 1 inch vertically. This space is made for the circular blade.


Align the wooden stock to the side of the blade and clamp the long end to the table saw sled. Now adjust the height of the blade to 1 inch above the sled. Now the dowel cutting jig is ready for work.


Wear all the safety pieces of equipment like hand gloves, goggles, fitting dress, etc. before working with any power saw.


Finally, insert the dowels from the long end of the stock and stop using a figure of the plastic stopper. When cutting is completed, give pressure and pull out the small dowels from the jig. In this method, you have one problem, which is a manual stopper. Still, you can use a dowel cutting jig to get an accurate result every time.

Method-3: Using Band saw

The band saw is similar to the table saw method. A dowel cutting jig is used to make the cutting of dowels efficient. In this method we will make the dowel jig for the band saw with a stopper.


Take a hardwood stock 2×2inches for the jig. Make ¼ inch hole horizontally in the middle of stock. Here we take about an inch from the endpoint and halfway through the depth of stock.


Set the length of the dowel to the stock width at the endpoint. However, we take 1 ½ inches length from the right corner of width at stock and leave half an inch to the right side. Now cut the stock vertically by using a circular blade. This cut allows the band saw to pass through the stock and cut the length of dowels.


Now set the main component of the jig with 1/8 inches thin plywood sheet and a meter gauge. Here we used a plastic meter gauge and screwed it to the saw table.


Setting a distance setter for making the process more efficient is a great idea. You can apply this amazing technique by cutting a triangle shape hardwood. Glue a plastic material to the contact surfaces of dowels and set this by following the no step. This setter is independent of the main jig component and acts as a stopper when the saw cuts the dowels. Don’t forget to set 1 inch ahead from the dowel hole. It means that the cutting point of the dowel will meet the endpoint of the curved setter.


As you are working with power tools, ensure the safety rules first.


Take a stick of dowels and insert them through the hole and push it towards the setter. It pushes back the extra length and cuts the exact measurement each time.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Cut Wooden Dowels

What Do You Use To Cut Wooden Dowel Rods?

I do this job with different types of dowel cutters. If I take small projects, I usually cut my dowels with wire cutters. However, this method is easier than other methods where different types of power tools are used. On the other hand, if I take big woodworking projects, I use the band saw for efficient work. 

How to Safely Cut Multiple Dowels and Thin Sticks at the Same Length?

The safety of work with power tools is the most common fact. If you are a beginner in woodworking, first you must acquire the rules and regulations of safety. After ensuring safety, you can use a band saw, or circular table saw to cut multiple dowels and thin sticks at the same length.

What are the Essential Tools for Dwelling?

I think you are a newbie in woodworking, and the answer to this question is very confusing if you don’t have previous knowledge about dwelling. However you can use a wire cutter, circular saw, band saw, or chop saw for dwelling. Whatever the tools are used, you will get fuzzy edges. To flush the chips you can use blades with maximum TPI or sandpaper for smooth finishing. Don’t forget to maintain safety protection before getting started.

How Do You Cut a Wooden Dowel in Half?

Lots of problematic works are involved in woodworking projects. We often don’t know what types of objects are going to be used in the next steps. Regardless, when I face this type of problem mostly it would be a dilemma because I can do this in different ways. In my case, I can use a band saw and two other objects to hold the dowel properly. However, I cut a ¾’’ wooden dowels rod by holding it from both sides using wooden sticks and pushing through the saw.

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Final Thoughts

The wooden dowel is the most common piece for woodworking. The carpenters use an easy and quick method for cutting dowels to their length. In this article, we revealed the easiest ways of dowel cutting techniques. If you wrap up the entire article on how to cut wooden dowels at home, now you are ready to cut dowels perfectly and more efficiently. So pick a method from the above list and win the fear of woodworking.

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