How to Cut Leather Belt: Best Craftsman Method-2022

Do you love creative stuff or repairing things at home? This article is going to be a helpful resource for you. Today I will cover an interesting topic here. We all like leather accessories for fashion. Both males and females have the temptation for leather as a fashionable item. Among lots of items, the leather belt is most common for all of us. Basically, I’m going to discuss how to cut leather belt to shorten and create a new one.

How to Cut Leather Belt,How to make custom leather belts
Custom Leather Belts

In-store, the leather belt is available in different sizes. After getting your desired belt, you don’t get fit as the required size. You must resize your belt fitting with waist size. However, you can do this by yourself or by spending some bucks on fixing it. Besides, you will be able to repair it by yourself and also able to make a leather belt at home after finishing this article. It’s amusing to make a leather belt from the beginning. For this, you need some basic tools and a belt buckle, which is mandatory for this DIY. If you want to make or resize your leather belt, follow my step-by-step instructions.

How to Adjust the Belt Length

This section of the article is for a brand new leather belt that is bought from the store. The company makes free-size leather belts. For this reason, it’s tough to fit in your waist without resizing. Either it could be too large or too short. There is no way to fix this problem for a rack belt without cutting because it has several holes in the strap.  

We need to fit it for comfortable and custom wear. So if you want to do this at home, you are most welcome. This is only possible for those people who prefer to do this at home. On the other hand, if you are not interested, I recommend you fix this problem with a professional shoe cobbler. They can do this job within a minute as per your waist size. Let’s shorten your leather belt with some basic tools.

Tools Required for Shortening Leather Belt

  • A punch for the hole
  • A large nail-set
  • Sharp scissors
  • Sharp knife
  • Hammer (Small)
  • Screw Driver
  • Measurement Tape
  • Pencil for marking

The procedure of Adjust Belt Length

Step-1 Measure and Adjust the belt

This is the primary step of this method. First, you have to measure your belt fitting by wrapping it around your waist. Now put a pencil mark on the belt strap carefully. Make this mark carefully for accurate fitting. I prefer to take this measurement in the middle of the buckle.

Step-2 Separate and Unscrew the Buckle

After getting the perfect measurement lay off your belt, turning upwards. Now unscrew using a screwdriver and separate the buckle from the belt, and kept all these things safely.

Step-3 Cut Out the Extra Leather

Use a sharp scissor to cut the extra part from your leather belt. This part is a little difficult. If you cannot manage a sharp scissor, this step could damage the belt’s edge quality. For this, you can use a roller knife or anti-cutter to cut out leather perfectly. You can scale up the strap width using the pencil for a nice and smooth edge before doing these.

Step-4 Make a hole for Buckle

We are almost done. Making a hole onto belt width is tricky. At first, you must measure a middle point for the hole. Using a scale, put a pencil mark on the belt and place a punch hole to its point. Now give pressure until a perfect hole is formed.

Step-5 Insert Buckle and Screw Up

The final step of resizing your leather belt is the buckle attachment. This is the easiest part of this process. You have to insert the belt strap into the folded leather and put the screw into the hole. Now tighten your screw as much as possible. 

This part of the article is only for your fashion comfort. You may buy a leather belt from the store with all accessories together, but every time has to do this work. However, you can’t wear your trousers without a belt because of the comfortable movement.

How to Make Custom Leather Belts

You can wear a leather belt for any purpose, and a well-made genuine leather belt can last for a lifetime. Most of the time, we buy a belt from the store, a multi-layer structured belt. Tough the main and upper layer is made with genuine leather its gets apart after some months of use. The main reason is that human-made materials are used for layer straps. And the edge sewing is performed by the sewing machine. The leather belt holds hand sewing for a long time. So if you want to make a belt by yourself, then follow our DIY tutorial on how to make custom leather belts.

Most people like me, love the perfect fittings of the trouser. A leather belt increases your fashion and also your personality. However, a well-fitted leather belt can last for a long time if you spend some time making this for yourself. You can make it possible with some basic tools with us. So let’s get started to make a genuine one-layered leather belt for you.  The techniques are described below.

Materials Needed on How to Make Custom Leather Belts

  • Genuine Leather
  • Belt Buckle
  • Long Straight Scale or Edge
  • Coloring Substance for dye
  • Olive oil
  • Rivet and Rivet setter
  • Leather punch for stitch
  • Needle for Stitch and Thread
  • A wooden table for cutting
  • A stitching pony
  • Gum and wooden dowel

The procedure of Making Costume Leather Belts

If you desire to make custom leather belts at home, follow how to cut custom leather belts quickly and efficiently using easy steps.

Step-1 Cutting the Leather Strap

This step is critical, but if you have the right tools, this work is easiest. Thick leather is more comfortable to cut than thin leather. At first lay off the leather on the self-healing cutting table. After that, mark the belt width according to buckle opening; otherwise, the leather strap will not adjust with the buckle. Now markup the width and length using measurement tape as required. Here I take 2 inches for width considering buckle opening.

The best practice of taking length is from the old belt size or waist measurement using measurement tape. Now take the edge of a plumber or a strong scale and align upon the mark and place the ruler knife or hobby knife. Drag several times gently to cut out completely. Keep attention on your hand while cutting. Also, cut all the sides of your leather strap accordingly following the same method. Now you have a basic leather belt structure for the next process.

Step-2  Making the Tip

The tip of the belt helps in easy insertion through loop and buckle. For this, you can take any endpoint of the strap for the tip; if you want a diagonal shape, then you can mark by a scale and cut it using a sharp knife. This shape is easy to form without any technique and tools.

On the other hand, you need some specific tools for a rounded shape. However, you can also do this by using some techniques. At first, you have to divide your belt endpoint into 1 inch and put a point mark. After that, a rounded bottle like a beverage can or soda bottle can be placed over the middle of the endpoint, and left 1 or 1 ½ inches from both the right and left sides equally. Mark it properly and cut extra leather using a rounded knife. The best part is using a rounded still sheet.

Step-3 Edge Smoothing and Polishing

After cutting the strap, the edge remains sharp and shows inner raw color with fuzzy naps. To remove these naps from the leather edge, I use gum, known as Gum Tragacanth. This name sounds weird, but a smooth edge will appear on the leather strap after applying this.

Before using this, Gum cut all the sharp edges of both sides with a precision knife to make it rounded, and then apply Gum using cotton buds or foam. Take a wooden dowel and rub the surface of the edge. It makes the surface smooth and glossy. You can use any coloring substance for a better look.

Step-4 Making Hole to Edge of Leather Belt for Sewing Guide

In this step, I’m going to make a hole around the belt using a sharp nail. This hole is a sewing guideline because without making a hole, you can’t stitch through thick leather. This is not mandatory. I’m doing this because I love this pattern for a fashionable look. So you can skip this step if you want.

First, take the leather strap and mark around the belt and keep the same gap between edge and mark. Now lay off the strap on a cutting table and attach strong gum tape to place it properly. In this case, a wooden table is best for use. Now take a sharp nail considering the thread count and place it over the pencil mark, and hammer it to make a hole. This is very tricky, but if you understand, once this work will be easy for you.

The neatness of work depends on your skill. At the time of making holes, don’t give extra force and hammering. Using a basic leather hole punch is the best practice in this case. If the leather is too much thick, you can create an indentation alongside the belt and punch over it.

If you make this hole with extra hammering, the other side of your leather will be poked. For this, turn over the strap and remove all the extra leather poked for hammering. Now seal the entire hole with shoe polish using a toothpick or other tools.

Step-5 Stitching the Belt Edge With

This is the easiest part of making a leather belt. Don’t worry if you don’t have stitching leather experience; you will learn from my tutorial. It would be best if you had a strong hand and patience to do this task easily. Grab your leather needle (2 pieces) and thread. Waxed thread is better for leather stitching.

Thread off the needle from both sides of the thread and make a Savoy knot (Figure-Eight Knot) tightly and leave 1 or 1 ½ inches extra thread from both sides. Now place your strap into a stitching pony to place it properly. This is the craftsman’s choice. Now I’m going to explain the tricky part of leather stitching. Oh, it’s really tough? My answer is no. Once you understand, this is easy. Let’s start stitching.

Insert one needle into the hole of the strap and balance both sides thread. Using the right hand, make a loop through-hole and insert the second hand from the left side to make another loop in the same hole. Leave both hands after binding them tightly. Again start from the right side. This process will continue until the end of your edge. For finishing, make 2 or 3 backstitches and knot them. Cut both threads and seal the protruding part of the thread using heat.

Step-6  Making the Hole for Belts

From the tipping point of your strap, measure 4 inches and put a pencil mark on the middle of the strap for the initial hole. This primary mark is the guideline for the next hole. Now mark 4 more points 1 inch apart from each point after leaving 4 inches tail. Here I’m using a 3 1/16 inches punch tool. Make all the holes carefully. You can add more holes if you need them.

Step-7  Making and Skiving the Leather for Buckle

Here the thickness of my leather is almost 3 ½ mm. This is too much for bending it properly. Now I’m going to make it thinner for buckle attaches. This step is a little time-consuming because if you slice excess from the strap, you can’t add leather in return. So, measure 6 inches from the endpoint and mark in the strap. Using a sharp, rounded knife removes 1 ½ mm extra thickness from the buckle side.

Step-8 Prepare the Strap for Buckle

Once the buckle end’s thinning is done, it’s time to make holes for securing the buckle and a passage for the tongue. From the endpoint, measure in 2 inches and 3 inches and create holes by punching. Now measure 1 inch apart from the second hole and mark starting and ending point in 1 inch for buckle tongue. After that, create holes and connect the holes by using a utility tool. Now bend the thin side to create 2 more centered holes.

Step-8 Creating Loops for Belt

This is an additional part; if you don’t like to use a loop, skip this step. Suppose you like to give an extra edge to your belt then follow my instruction. Take a thin strap for a leather loop; if you don’t have any thin leather, use a thick one and slice down by using a rounded knife. After completing the thinning process, the measure by roundup from the strap. Once the measurement is completed, make two holes in each opening side and stitch them as I mentioned above.

Step-9 Assembling the Buckle Inside the Strap

For securing buckle, you have many options. You can stitch them or rivet them. Here I’m going to use an easy method which is, attaching Chicago screws. This technique is very easy for buckle attachment. First, you must insert the buckle, screw the first hole, and then place the loop and finish by screwing the second hole.

Step-10 Smoothing Inner part of Belt

Apply Gum to the surface of the inner part and apply smooth rubbing to remove fuzziness.

Frequently Asked Question on How to Cut Leather Belt

How Long to Cut Leather for a Belt?

This is the most common question asked by readers. The answer is straightforward in that case. You must take your waist measurement by tape for belt size, or you can take your existing belt. In this case, you must be careful about the measurement point. If you have a large belt and want to resize it, you must measure the middle of the buckle after trial.

Is It Possible to Shorten the Length of the Leather Belt?

This question is interesting, and I have already mentioned how to cut leather belt for shortening. If you have some basic tools of a craftsman, you can do this work easily. Though you can do this work by professional shoe cobbler within minutes, it’s entertaining to make it yourself. It saves some bucks instead.

How to Cut the Leather Belt to Size?

Most people are afraid of doing this part. Though you can cut leather using many tools and techniques, it has some easy tricks too. After getting a perfect measurement of your belt, mark it with a pencil and cut it using sharp scissors or knife, available at home. You can also use a paper anti-cutter in case of thin leather.

Final Wrapping

The leather belt increases the beauty of men and women in any costume. I hereby tried to give you all possible solutions for shortening and creating a brand new leather belt. Lots of tricks and techniques are available to make a leather belt and shortening. So finally, I’m ready to groom up with my brand new leather belt. So try all my techniques to make a leather belt and suggest how to cut leather belt quickly.

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