How Many Curtain Panels Do I Need – Best & Easy Way: 2022

Do you love interior design and want to change home decor?  If you love home décor and want to know the tricks and tips, you are in the right place. Everybody loves their home, and I’m also not out of them. I love to change my home interior look with my own effort. In this regard today I’m going to teach you the most interesting topic on how many curtain panels do I need.

The beautiful and unique design of the window curtain attracts those people who can’t control their temptation to buy a new one. Without a curtain, the interior look of the home isn’t worthy. This is happening to me again and again. I can’t stop myself when I found a unique curtain at the store. Like me, you are also a curtain lover, and this is the reason you are here with me. But we face so many problems after buying a window curtain from the store. And the problem is the curtain panel’s measurement and the number of curtains per window.

How Many Curtain Panels Do I Need, How to Measure for Curtains
Curtain Panels for Home Decor

The store is the most efficient and easy way of getting a window curtain. In-store you will get an unlimited collection with exclusive colors and fabrics. Moreover, in-store you can buy all the collections at a low price. Sometimes they have collections from different brands. Now you can combine different color curtain panels to give a mind-blowing and unique look for windows, or you can add extra panels for a gorgeous effect.

Besides, between the opaque panels, you can use sheers for a luxurious look. You may have hundreds of ideas to design windows for the next event, but before doing this, you must be careful about your window size and measurement. Don’t worry today I will outline how to measure for curtains and how to determine the amount of curtains panels needed.

Stay with me for dressing up your window. Here I will guide you also in making a curtain with different curtain panels. If you have basic sewing skills of fabric, you will be able to dress up window own, and for this, you need fabrics specially made for curtains with Drapability and fullness properties. Let’s get started grooming your window.

How to Measure for Curtains

The measurement of curtains is most important for an elegant and luxurious look. In-store the length measurement of curtains is mostly 90 inches to 108 inches. I have a window in my bedroom with a radiator beneath the window sill. Now I’m going to share with you how I measure the window rods and curtains for hanging my brand new curtains. Believe me; it’s an easy task. Once you finished my article, you will be able to give a gorgeous look to your own window at home. Let’s drive on how to measure for curtains. 

Tools Required to Measure Curtain Panels width and Height

  • Steel tape measurement
  • Pencil
  • Notebook

Window Measurement for Curtain Panels

Step-1 The measurement for curtain panels is starting from window and rod measurements. At first, I take the total width from left to right and write down the reading 150 cm in my notebook.

Step-2 My window includes a side casing, and I need this measurement also. The casing measurement is 5 cm. For two sides the total width is (2*5) 10cm. Until now I got a total of 160 cm widths without extension of the curtain rod. I will include this extension data in the curtain panel’s measurement stage.

Step-3 The final measurement of the window is the length. This is simple, place the steel measuring tape to the top of the window and take the reading from the sill middle point. The height is 170 cm. This measurement isn’t final. So I note this reading.

How to Measure for Curtains Rods

The width of rods is most important for curtain width measurement. Whatever the width of the window, you must measure the curtains rod. If you observe the curtain rod, you will understand what I’m trying to say.

My curtain rod is 10cm extended from both sides casing of the window. Basically, my final measurement of width for curtains is 180 cm. This extension is necessary to hide the window casing. On the other hand, the curtain rod is mounted 15 cm above the top sill of the window. I take three measurements from different points. Now add this measurement to the previous length, and you have a 185 cm final measurement of height from roads.

Calculate Fabric Measurement of Curtains

Now I’m going to calculate the fabric for the curtain panels. Here I will make this measurement separately for better understanding. According to this measurement, I will make a curtain for beginners, but in this regard, I have 2 panels of the curtain. Once you capture this method, you will be able to buy curtain panels without the hassle and will be able to stitch from fabrics.

How Wide is Curtain Fabric?

The width of curtain fabrics should be wider than the actual measurement. If I use 180 cm width panels, it will look odd for its flat appearance. To give a full appearance, I’m using 254 cm curtain panels. However, I have 2 panels of a curtain 50 inches wide. You can also use 4 panels of 30 inches for more fullness. In the case of pleated curtains, you can use 180 cm panels because fullness is already made.

Note: 1 inch is equivalent to 2.54 cm.

How Long is Curtain Fabric?

The height is not fixed for window curtains. It depends on your plan. But if you want to have more drapes then you can make it long up to the floor. Basically, the heavyweight fabric is good for drape. And this kind of look is perfect for a living room. In this situation, I’m very unlucky. I can’t make it for so long for my radiator. So let’s check the measurement for all situations.

To the Sill

Do you like to make your curtain short? This measurement is perfect. If you want this measurement takes the length of panels from mounted rod to sill. Here the measurement is 185 cm.

Below The Sill/To the Radiator

I think you don’t have any radiator-like me. Unfortunately, if you have a radiator, then this method is perfect for making it classy. But you need to be adding extra length to it.  Now I’m going to add more 5 cm length. It’s just above my window radiator and leaves a 1-inch gap between curtain and radiator. So the final length is 190 cm.

To the Floor

This is one of the most popular hanging methods of curtain panels throughout the world. Everybody likes to mount curtains to the floor in their living room. In most cases, we use thick fabric to prevent sunlight in the daytime. So, in this situation, you can use a long curtain up to the floor but don’t forget to leave a 1-inch gap from the floor.

How to Hem Curtains with Sewing Machine?

In most cases, we suffer a lot for the length measurement of curtain panels. For this reason, I’m going to share this idea with you. Don’t worry; if you have basic skills in fabric sewing, you can easily perform this task.  And I hope you are clear about the measurement of curtain panels mentioned above. Let’s start hemming curtains panels with a sewing machine.

Tools You Need

  • Sharp scissor
  • Measurement tape
  • Sewing machine
  • Chalk
  • Iron

Directions of How to Hem Curtains with Sewing Machine

Step-1 At first measure the length of panels as per your requirement. Suppose your required length is 190cm and the available panel length is 228.6 cm which is 38.6 cm extra from the requirement. However, it would be best if you had an extra allowance for sewing and hemming. In this case, you need an extra allowance for hemming and sewing allowance. Here I would like to make a 5 cm hem, and the sewing allowance is 2 cm. So the final measurement is 197 cm. Now mark the point of your required length from both sides of the panel.

Step-2 After taking the measurement lay off the curtain on a flat surface and place a wooden scale over the curtain fabric. You can use some weight like books or water bottles to place the fabric in the right place and drag a line into two points.

Step-3 Now cut out the fabric using sharp scissors. This step is important for flat width.

Step-4 This step is for beginners. To make the sewing line uniform, you can fold the hemming fabric and press heat for a crease mark with a sewing allowance. Now you are ready to give the final touch. Be careful about iron pressing because most of the curtain fabric is heat-sensitive.

Frequently Asked Question for How Many Curtain Panels Do I Need?

How to Make Extra Wide Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors?

Are you frustrated with sliding glass doors? That is a ubiquitous question from readers because sliding doors require extra-wide drape curtains. And most of the time difficult to cover sliding doors from available store curtains. But I have a solution for this. You can make extra wide drapes curtain by sewing them alongside the length. This simple DIY can solve this problem for you.

How Wide Should Curtains Be For 72 Inch Window?

This question is asked by readers regularly. The answer to this question is a little tricky. However, I already mentioned the wide measurement of the curtain panels. In this case, if you have a window of 72 inches, you can use 2 panels of curtains. These 2 panels will give you 100 to 120 inches width which will look better with fullness.

How Much Should You Spend on Curtains?

If you ask me how much would you like to spend on curtains? The answer is confusing because there is no limit to spending money on home decor. It depends on the budget. You also have a budget for your window purpose. But most commonly, I used to make DIY to make it cheap and beautiful.

Final Wrapping

For an upcoming event or any festival, we prefer to make our home luxurious. The window or door curtains give it an extra edge to its beauty. You could spend huge money on home decor but if you don’t know the proper tricks of setting it’s going to be tough to present a gorgeous look. I hope after reading this article, you can choose the perfect size of curtains for a window. I tried to present important information on how many curtain panels do I need. Stay with us for more home decor and costume ideas.

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