• How to Fix a Bad Tile Job: 4 Basic Signs of Tiling Mistakes-2022

    Tile is the most beautifying and well-known interior factor for both the home and office. It’s a very expensive project across the world. If you have a bad tile job then the money and time will be squandered after all. Besides all the interior designs could be annihilated in terms of décor for the bad tile job at your home. In that case, if you want to avoid this bad impact on the tile job you must understand the types of bad tiling jobs and the tips and tricks of how to fix a bad tile job by yourself.

    An attractive and long-lasting tile fixing job could be done by a contractor who is knowledgeable and professional. Regardless, to achieve such skills one may take a long in work life. They are tremendously generous with expertise and time. So, before hiring an expert for your dream project please make sure they are professionals. The best idea is, to visit some place that is done by them and then assign your project. Moreover, you must understand some important facts that could spoil your tiles on the floor or wall.

    But, how anyone can understand the sign of bad tiling jobs. Here, I will illustrate a few ideas about bad tiling jobs in this article. If you want to make it successful please read the below-listed facts carefully. From today you’ll understand how the wall or floor of your home has to be done. Let’s get started with the main topics here.

    Common Signs of Bad Tiling Jobs before Knowing How to Fix a Bad Tiling Job

    How to Fix a Bad Tile Job

    From the dozen signs of a bad tile job here, I’ve listed some significant facts that can be spoiling facts of your projects. Below bad tiling examples are given in detail and how to identify bad tiling jobs with easy tips on how to fix bad tile issues.

    Tiles that Crooked

    The installed tiles can be crooked for hundreds of reasons. Many tiles projects are abolished for a common reason and it’s natural. This is actually a design when the pattern doesn’t mean to be a mosaic or rugged in nature unless. It could have happened when grout fills inconsistently around the tiles by raw materials used to stick them. Mostly, when the contractor uses their spacers or battens carelessly that makes them weak to hold the position of tiles when the grout is cured properly.

    Regardless, the installed tiles can’t make any difference whether it is placed at the right angle or not. But the tiles can be displaced from their place for other reasons. If you have any water leakage, insect damage, or other collapses from behind the wall it can affect tile join to lose strength. So it can displace the tiles from their primary position.

    Tiles that Uneven

    These are the most common faults that happen for less knowledge of handyman. Yet, you can find out this fault without any expertise. The uneven tiles have different heights from the next one. So, if you walk through the installed tiles you will see the incorrect tiles which are uneven. Otherwise, if you concentrate on the wall which is newly installed you’ll see the difference.

    However, there are some common affairs involved that could be a possible reason for uneven tiles in any project. To make it more clear please concentrate on the below facts.

    1.      Crafted or Uneven Tiles and Surface (Wall or Floor)

    The tiles that are crafted or made of natural or other foreign materials like shells might be uneven in width or mostly hard to install. In the meantime, it’s also possible that your floor or wall is uneven. So, ensure the medium isn’t uneven that is going to be used for installing tiles which is convenient in that case.

    2.      Small and Tiny Bump on the Surface

    When your floor or wall has a tiny bump, installed tiles over it can be more visible. However, this is a common tiling mistake. So, you can easily identify these types of mistakes. In that scenario, the contractor can grind the bump (the highest part of the spots) or fill up the lowest point of spots to flatten the surface. So, it’s very important to look over the project conveniently to sort out this type of problem and fix the bad tiling job as it is.            

    3.      Lippage towards the Tiles Edge

    Living with tile lippage is very annoying. Among the tiling mistakes, Lippage is another most common tiling mistake. The uneven surfaces between tiles are called lippage. It happens for wrong offset matching or uneven tile itself. But, when the edges of tiles are uneven in height this problem arises in that specific area.


    Solving this problem is easier than other issues. Such problem often occurs when we make use of large and rectangular tiles. According to many experts, the Lippage issue might be solved by a handyman. If they choose the right pattern of tiles and ensure the surface of the edges is flat before laying off this problem could be solved easily.

    4.      Bumpy Mortar or Thinset Applied

    The applied materials to hold the tiles to the surface are also possible matters that could appear an uneven tiling job. When the contractors or handymen apply mortar or thin-set, they often take short time in the projects and face the same problem.


    Don’t take short time for tiling projects. Hire experts and give them proper time for building great projects. If you’re taking care of your own project then mix all the mortar materials properly and apply them gently before laying the tiles. So, the main tip is, don’t be rushed.

    After all, ignoring the uneven tiles is a great mistake. The edges of tiles will crack out or chip easily after months or years. Rather it’s a big obstacle for cleaning and other purposes. Use a spirit level when you’re running a tiling project at your home to ensure an even surface.

    Tiles that Fit Poorly

    This is another common uneven tiling job around the world. A project space is always not necessary to be regular. The contractors will face many uneven and narrow spaces in your projects like inset spaces of walls or fixtures around showers or toilets. So that the installer must resize or cut the tiles into different pieces to install the tiny and narrow spaces. In this regard, if the handyman fills the spaces using thick grouts, broken tiles, uneven strips of tile, leave spaces without tile, which are poor and noticeable signs of bad tile fittings.

    All the professional contractors give 10 percent extra requirements for any kind of tile project to avoid shortages for cutting and other errors. So it’s a common requirement to purchase extra materials for completing the project without any shortage. 

    However, if you want to avoid such a problem provide enough tiles to install. So that they can use extra tiles to fill up the uneven spaces rather than grout. On the other hand, they will fill up the space using what they have or with grout.

    Tile that Fit with Excess Grout

    From all the mistakes, that mentioned problem often occurs for structural or aesthetic reasons. When grout spread out or protrudes after the tile is installed it will be visible and that is the perfect sign of rushed or amateur installation of the tile job.

    On the other hand, it would be very difficult or nearly impossible to remove the excess grout if it passed a week after applying. Whenever the contractor uses improper adhesive the grout will be more slippery and come out easily from the edges of the tiles. This issue might be a great problem for further lines, so take initiative and recover it as early as possible.

    Sometimes excess grout may appear for the handyman. If they don’t have the proper knowledge or they take short time to complete the project.


    Normally the grout will come out after setting the tiles for some applied pressure. So, naturally, the protruding grout can be scrapped by a wooden stick or other rubber objects before hardening properly. If you can remove it within 20 to 30 min or even an hour chance is high to get tiles without making any spots or further scratches. Hire a professional tile installer for your project and also give them proper adhesive or other materials.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on How to Fix a Bad Tile Job?

    How to Hide Tiling Mistakes?

    Many people ask this question online. Here, I will explain the true facts that will make you understand. If big mistakes arise in your tiling job that would be a dangerous hazard and you can’t hide them. If you have an uneven surface or lippage you can’t hide the imperfections. Regardless, if you got a minor grout problem down the line you can fix it. So, make sure that the tiles are installed correctly at the beginning.

    How to Fix Bad Tile Edge?

    When tiles are installed incorrectly or appear a space between, the problem will be dangerous. This type of problem is called lippage. But, how to fix a bad tile edge? This isn’t difficult for experts or even if you’ve got the right tools it could be done by yourself. Follow the step and fix the problem.

    • First of all, you must find out the lippage or edge problem conveniently because you may get confused with the tile waviness. The waviness occurs when the entire floor or wall is an irregular surface. For this problem, you must level the surface properly and retile.
    • Sort out and mask the tile to be reinstalled by tape.
    • Now chip out the grout from the offending tiles using a chisel and hammer.
    • After removing the grout successfully place the chisel under the tile corner and pry it up gently to break the bonding of the adhesive. In this step, you must take time rather tile could break at any time.
    • Pull out the tile and remove all mastic or thin-set from the tile back and clean the grooves for next use.
    • Clean the area from where the tile has been removed and pour it evenly by mastic or thin-set. The layer must be thin and even. Remember that, a thin-set must be used when you’re working with floor tiles and mastic is for wall tiles.
    • Place the tiles using a spacer to ensure the surface is flat.
    • On the other hand, if the edges of tiles are chipped out you can use caulk to repair it.

    What Can I Use Instead of Grout?

    This is the very complex questions for beginners. If you’ve been passed through any tile installation project you may understand the main uses of grouts and tile adhesives. If you don’t know them properly and are confused about how and where to use them? The answer to this question is for you.

    Grout is the material that is used to fill up the space between tiles and surfaces to give an even appearance. It’s a mixer of cement and is available in three forms; epoxy, sanded, and un-sanded. Opposite, tile adhesive is the material that sticks tiles to the wall or floor. So, the difference between grout and tile adhesive is based on the functions and purposes. There are three types of tile adhesives are available in the market named thin-set, mastic, and epoxy. Both grout and tile adhesives are applied in the same projects for different purposes.

    Can I Use Caulk Instead of Grout?

    Very well, you may think of using caulk instead of grout for a tiling job. From today, made up your mind that caulk is used for sealing any kind of leakage on showers, bathtubs, windows, kitchen sinks. Yet it’s a great mixture of silicon, acrylic, and latex-based material which is perfect for airtight or watertight in a specific place. Though this material is very flexible and joints two objects hardly, it would be dry after using long periods. So, technically caulk can’t be a good replacement for grout for filling gaps between tiles after installation. But, grout is perfect for joining tiles in the same plane.

    Final Thoughts

    After all the discussion, if you really feel that you’ve any signs of a bad tile job as mentioned above please contact an expert and consult immediately and get a solution about how to fix a bad tile job? Uneven, crooked, or improper installation is a very common problem so make sure you’re concerned with them or take advice from professionals. If you want to cover more DIY projects like ‘How to Glue Rocks Together’, it’s the right article for you.

  • How to Fix a Stretched Out Shirt- Best 2 Methods: 2022

    The most popular dress for men and women is a shirt. Traditionally it’s made for wear, and common clothes all around the planet. But it has a problem, which is very common and disheartening. Because, when you used it for several days it becomes stretched out and changed in shape with its primary measurement. Each and every movement of your activities like morning walk or yoga to groceries work could be a reason for stretch t-shirts frequently. In today’s discussion, I’m about to talk about how to fix a stretched out shirt.

    On the other hand, you will get some pro tips that can make your t-shirt life happier. When t-shirt stretch? Basically, this is a hectic question asked by everyone. However, when moisture and sweat come into equivalent position it changes the properties of yarn that’s used in the fabric. Especially, those shirts manufactured with common yarn like cotton, and cotton blend varieties are susceptible to stretching.

    In this scenario, if you’ve some knowledge regarding fabric construction and special treatment to reform or un-shrink clothes that will be an easier task. So, after accumulating all concepts from this article it will be a euphemism heck to recover shirt neck (round neck and even V-neck) line, sleeve, collar, and another side.

    Noted, the recovery of the overall stretched-out shirt is easier than fixing a specific area by any kind of technique.

    How to Fix a Stretched Out Shirt
    Fix a Stretched Out Shirt

    What Types of Fabrics are More Stretchy?

    The stretchy properties of fabrics depend on their construction and materials used. In the summer season, people use stretchy fabrics more than at other times of the year. Moreover, you will see the stretch fabrics around you for a little ease. Though it’s a piece of comfort, you may also get a stretched-out shirt soon. But, in some cases stretchy but durable fabrics are available in the market. Let’s get the clear cause that makes fabrics distressed from their primary structure.

    Cause-1 Knit Structure is Stretchy than Woven Construction

    T-Shirt is mainly fashion with knit fabric. It is widely used for making all types of costumes around the planet. The knit fabrics are very malleable on both sides for the loop structure. This type of fabric is formed by single yarn. So, that could be a reason for stretch.

    Cause-2 Using Spandex or Lycra in Fabric Construction

    The spandex can stretch up 400% on its own. Even though, it can lend more than 20% after mixing with other yarn like cotton, polyester, and velvet. On the other hand, you’ll get lots of fabrics varieties that would be blended with spandex. All this coupled fabric stretched out easily.

    Things you’ll need for this DIY

    • Heat Source (Gas Stove or
    • A Large Bowl
    • A Washing Machine (If Possible)
    • A Dryer ( For Drying Clothes)
    • A Little Amount of Distilled Vinegar White is Preferable
    • A tongs or long wooden sticks (For stirring and submerge)

    Method of How to Fix a Stretched Out Shirt

    Well, different types of techniques and tips may be experienced by you to fix the stretched-out shirt with the help of internet DIY sources. Today I’m going to explore two different methods about how to get an original shape of a stretched-out t-shirt within simple steps. So, let’s get started.

    Fix a Stretched Out Shirt: The Manual Method or Stovetop Technique

    This is a very simple and time-saving technique. Regardless, it works very conveniently on 100 percent cotton and on wool fabrics structure. Here, I’m going to illustrate the full tricks step by step. Keep following my instructions properly and stick with the method.

    Step 1- Boiling of Water to Soak T-Shirt Appropriately

    Water boiling is the most common method, and that might be a regular task of cooking. Less or more people are used to this task. Moreover, that could be a helpful, and ordinary task for lots of indoor and outdoor work. I just mention this step to maintain a flow chart.

    Now, fill the water pot with sufficient water, and put it on your stove. Here, the amount of water doesn’t matter. It depends on your shirt size and quantity. I hereby, take 4 or 5 liters. I think it’s quite enough to soak a shirt. Now, light the stove and wait sometimes.

    After a few minutes, you’ll see the bubbles are forming underneath the water.

    Pro Tips: If you want to save time and energy, a pot with a lid is very useful then.

    Step 2- Submerge the t-shirt into Hot Water

    Once, water gets warmed you are ready to soak the shirt that helps to shrink. First of all, pour the sink full of hot water as much as possible and soak the shirt for about 5 minutes without any stirring or disturbing. The hot water can bleed out some color from the shirt easily. However, you can use lukewarm or cool water if you are really worried about the fastness of color except for white.  

    Regardless, if anyone wants to wash the shirt as well as shrink it, they can add a teaspoon of laundry detergent into the sink. But, you must rinse it in a separate sink with normal water.  Remember that it will help to come out more color than before.

    Step 3- Lay the Shirt to Relax and Dry

    Now lay the shirt properly after soaking it. Let the shirt cool down for 15 to 20 minutes and spread it on a flat surface. When you ley the shirt on a flat surface don’t pull the fabrics otherwise it will stretch easily. Be careful during the whole process and let it dry in the air. Until you get a good result you must repeat the process from the beginning to shrink it properly.

    Fix a Stretched Out Shirt: The Machine Method

    How to Fix a Stretched Out Shirt
    Machine Method

    This is an alternative way to fix a stretched-out t-shirt at home with limited resources and tools. In the above section (Method One), I already figured out the stovetop methodology with a few simple steps. Here, I would also like to clarify the machine methodology for the people who are typically engaging with outside activities. This is terribly easy and straightforward technique but a few special machines to be required. By the way, it’s another amazing technique on the topic of how to fix a stretched-out shirt.

    Step 1- Wash T-Shirt with Hottest Temperature Setting

    Before starting this procedure set a hot temperature on your regular clothes washer. Now, place your 100 percent cotton or wool stretched-out shirt into the machine and wash for one cycle none soap powder or detergent. The stretched-out fiber construction of the jersey will shrink to the earliest form for the wash with the proper unification of moisture, agitation, and heat.

    Step 2-Dry the Shirt Gently

    Now, take away the shirt from the washing machine and place it in the dryer. Start the dryer through medium heat and continue the drying cycle until the t-shirt is totally dry. After that, if the t-shirt does not warn to a hot temperature through its care label then run the drying cycle with high heat which gives a lot of intense shrinkage impact on your shirt.

    Step 3- Repeat the Cycle if You Want more Shrinkage

    Moreover, the above cycle of washing and drying will continue until you get the desired result. In fact, the utmost shrinkage produces from the primary cycle. The additional cycle will refine the shrinkage impact and therefore the chance of obtaining a snug t-shirt are higher.

    Pro Tips:

    The most important thing is color fading and bleeding after subsequent wash. But here, I’m going to give a professional tip that could help you to avoid such a vulnerable situation. When your shirt needs subsequent wash you must add a cup of white vinegar to keep shirts from color fading and bleeding.

    The shrinkage of stretched-out clothes depends on the proper agitation. For this purpose, the top loader machine is more effective than the front loader washing machine. So, it’s very clear the fiber reversion or shrinkage depends on the accurate agitation.

    Regardless, hot washing or laundering isn’t the proper treatment for the clothes that are previously shrunk. You might get some shrinkage impact but the major result will come from loose construction. So, the tight woven structure of textile fabrics is more likely less shrinkable. On the other, the knit or loop structure is suitable to reform.

    What should we must follow to Prevent Stretching of Shirt?

    We always think and search for solutions after facing the problem.  In that case, before stretching out the shirt we must fix the problem by following some tricks. If you don’t want to make your t-Shirt unwearable again please follow the quick tips strictly.

    • Don’t mix the clothes into the dryer when it’s running, otherwise, the shirt or clothes can easily stretch out in different directions. So, avoid mixing shirts to prevent them from this unexpected problem.
    • After washing, get off the shirts from the dryer as early as possible and hang them for air drying. The fibers will regain their original and natural shape for hanging them up into the air.
    • Coldwater is very useful to shrink the fiber rather than warm water in both directions of garments. Sometimes excessive heat can cause the smudging of colors from your shirt. So, for a concerned person using steam iron with controlled heat could be a great practice to reduce the shrinkage over time. 
    • Since the detergent powder contains harmful chemical agents which could destroy and weaken the fiber’s elasticity and could lead to further stretching out when folded or keep away in the closet. On the other hand, using oxygenated bleach (chlorine-free bleaching solution is also a concentrated detergent powder) instead of detergent (they are almost the same in characteristics).

    Frequently Asked Questions on How to Fix a Stretched Out Shirt

    How Do You Fix a Stretched Out Shirt?

    This question is repeatedly asked by many individuals around us. Here above, I already explained two amazing methods to shrink the stretched-out shirt after being worn for a few days.  If you are really confused about the fittings of your shirt please follow one of the procedures to fix it by yourself at home without any problems. Take a bowl of water and boil it for a few minutes. Now, soak the clothes properly and let them dry normally. To know more information you have to read the detailed instructions.

    How Do You Tighten Stretched Clothes?

    Take a bowl with water and soak the shirt properly. Take the wet shirt and lay it on a flat surface or drying rack according to your desired size. After stretching it properly fix it by placing some weight in your house such as a heavy paperweight, mug, jar, etc., and let it dry in the air. In that case, you must be careful otherwise you might destroy the shirt.

    How Do You Fix a Stretched Out Neck on a Shirt?

    Sometimes we face a stretched-out area on the t-shirt after using it roughly on a specific area. So, it’s another common question for people to recover their favorite shirt again to gleam with an old shirt they used to love it. Basically, if you have this problem then washing the entire area is a better plan rather than washing a specific area.

    Select a flat surface and lay the shirt gently. Now, smoothen the grainline vertically of the neckline by rubbing it very smoothly from the bottom line to the up. After that press heat by iron gently to make it flatter as same as before. However, don’t iron the shirt in wet condition, let it be on a flat surface to dry well.

    Why Do the Necks of My Shirts Stretch Out?

    This curious question also stormed in my brain from time to time until getting an appropriate solution. This is very confusing but also simple after experiencing some answers from an anonymous person online. Once I headed online and got to know that only wearing a shirt for a long time isn’t a big reason of stretch out in the neckline but there are many reasons that are included directly or indirectly. For other reasons it could be how and when it dried up, the hanging types, and the moisture weight that tends to downwards and stretch out shirts very unexpectedly.

    Final Thoughts

    Here, I tried to make complete instructions to make your shirt fit again from the stretch-out condition. Whatever the reason is, if you have this problem read how to fix a stretched-out shirt carefully and solve your issue quickly. If you want to make a DIY project from the old clothes, read how I created new frayed shorts from the old jeans pair.

  • How to Type a Letter on the Computer: 2 Basic Methods

    In the past few days, you might have scribbled out something in a notepad like a shopping list, or you added a review on restaurant comment cards, but when did you last write a proper letter with a pen and paper? Are you one of the increasing number of people who are switching from handwritten letters to typed ones? Here I will guide you on how to type a letter on the computer? Is the keyboard is mightier than the pen? Recent studies have discovered that with the recent development of technology, handwritten letters are being replaced by typed written letters.

    How to Type a Letter on the Computer, How to Type A Letter On Windows, How to Type A Letter On MAC, WordPad Installation On Windows, WordPad Installation On MAC
    Type Easily On Your Windows & MAC

    Whether you want to send a letter to your professional associate or a friend, a typed letter is the first option that comes to your mind. Peers, who are unaware of how to type a letter on the computer, I have come to a solution to your entire problem. Read out the full context to know more!

    Why Typed Letter is Effective?

    • Easy to read.
    • Easy to draft it several times.
    • Spelling mistakes can be corrected.
    • The typed letter is neat and professional.
    • If you have good typing skills, typing is faster than writing.

    WordPad and Type a Letter Free

    Method-1 Windows Installation

    Step-1 To type, the letter uses WordPad, which comes with all standard windows computers. By going to your Start menu and clicking on all programs, then accessories, select WordPad. If you are using windows 10, then what you have to do is type the WordPad beside Menu’s start.

    Step-2 Check whether your computer has a word processing program. It can be found in your start menu under all programs. If they are not installed on your computer, you can purchase and install an Open office or download a free word processing program.

    Step-3 Open your word processing program, which is flexible to format letters and comes with grammar and spelling checking ability.

    Step-4 You can consider using a template. It helps to format your letter automatically. Many different templates are available with different letters, such as business letters or personal letters. Some templates have varieties of decorative elements to improve the whole look of the letter.

    Step-5 Microsoft Office, Open office, and word perfect have free templates available to download. If none of the default templates matches your requirement, you can download the additional templates.

    Step -6 Open your word processing program and write the heading on the top of the page of your letter. Most letters, both professional and personal, require putting the name and address in the page’s left corner.

    Step-7 Address your greeting two lines beneath your heading. For a personal letter, you may use “Dear.” For a professional letter, you may include “Mr. (name) to who may use it concern.

    Step-8 Type the letter’s body with useful information by providing paragraphs to make it easy to read and understand for the reader.

    Step-9 Give a conclusion about your letter. Then, double space and leave a space to sign your name after you print the letter. Lastly, type your name beneath the space you left for the sign.

    Step-10 Before the print makes sure you have run the spell and grammar check to identify the errors. Then click “File,” then select “Print.”

    Method-1 Mac Installation

    Step-1 To write a letter, you can use the built-in program text edit. To find it, you need to head into your application folder, which is marked with an A, to find the program. Click on it will then open a blank page. All of the steps are then similar to the windows, one which I have already mentioned above. You may follow that as well.

    Step-2 You may also use Microsoft Office; it is there on your computer. It will be found in the application section with a blue W symbol. If you have it, click on it.

    Step-4 To start a letter, whether formal or informal, you need an appropriate greeting. You can address the person with a nickname or with a full name.

    Step-3 Before witting the letter, the layout has to be correct. The best way you can follow is through MLA guidelines. This means the date will be on top aligned to the right, and then double press the space button. You have to include the address of the poison you are sending it to. Once more, press the space bar twice and align back to the left.

    Step-5 Write the body with enough paragraphs to make it easily readable, and then finally finish the letter with a formal sign-off such as “Sincerely” and then your full name. Step-6 Check the grammar and spelling errors and the format fonts, text size, spacing, and margins the way you need. Then “Click the file and “Print.”

    Frequently Asked Questions on How to Type a Letter on the Computer

    What Program Do You Use to Write a Letter?

    For windows users, the program that they can use are; Microsoft Word, WordPad, Open Office, on the other hand, the Mac computer can use the text edit program for the basic task, and the advanced consider I usually work on MS office. You can also download a free program called; bean, which is also a good word processor.

    How to Write a Letter and Then Print It?

    We often get confused about the app that could be helpful to write letters on a computer. Here, I’ve demonstrated all possible ways to make it possible for the first user. By the way, you would get an app by the windows start button. Now, click on All Programs and then select the Accessories button to get your app. Now, you will get all expanded apps like Notepad or Wordpad to write letters. After finishing the letter you can print out the written file from the print option. Before printing, you must confirm the printer connection with a computer or laptop. I hope you got your answer. If you’ve more specific questions please leave them in the comments box.

    Final Wrapping

    I did hundreds of research to provide you with helpful information by practically implementing it on both Windows and Mac computers for accurate results. I hope by reading the entire context, you will get the maximum idea of how to type a letter on a computer. If you follow my guidelines properly, you can write a letter effectively without a hassle. Stay with DIY GET CRAFTY to see more articles.

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